Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Featured Photographer | Elizabeth Anne Photography

I'm really enjoying featuring my photography friends on my blog!  I hope you are too.  This week's photographer you should know is Kari Wright of  Modern Heartwork by Kari Wright Photography.

You can check out her website HERE , her blog HERE and of course her facebook page HERE

I really love Kari's photography style.  This is an image she wanted to share this week.  I just love it.

I asked Kari:
Why do you love this image?
It's my daughter that has PCS (Photographer's Child Syndrome) and never lets me photograph her. She was so cooperative this day and I got a ton of great stuff of her.

What were your settings with this image?
Aperture 2.8, Shutter Speed 1/640, ISO 250

What do you love about Photography?
It would be easier to answer what I DON'T love about photography (editing,hee hee). I love making people look their best by using great light. I love getting boxes of prints from my lab and seeing my work in print - it's like Christmas every time the UPS guy comes.

What type of Photography do you specialize in and why?
Children's. I love kids! I have six of my own and LOVE to make kids smile.

What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?
I love to read. I knit, sew, crochet and do about anything crafty. I love to roller skate and still play the Limbo every time I take my kids skating.

Who or what inspires you?
My kids originally inspired my love for photography. I get inspired everyday by my photographer friends, we push each other to be our best.

Who are some of your favorite singers/bands?
I am very fickle when it comes to music, my tastes are always changing. Right now on my MP3 the songs range from Lady Gaga, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rascal Flatts to the Spice Girls (don't judge!).

What is your favorite movie of all time?
I don't really have a favorite but I love romantic comedies.

What would your ideal day be like?
Warm, sunny, the beach, a nanny...

If you weren't a photographer, what other profession would you like to pursue?
I always thought that I would like to be a Radiologist but I think I would be bored with that now.


Kara Layfield said...

Kari is a sweetheart and has such a creative eye. Thanks for sharing with us!

Azure said...

Love the image! It is so neat to learn a little more about such great photographers. :)